Remote Blockchain Protocol (Rust) Engineer

Join us in building the next-gen Ethereum Layer-2 powered by the ultra-secure Move smart contract language. Our innovative stack replaces EVM with Move execution on an Optimism stack L2 architecture. Our goal is to help the security and parallel execution of Move meet Ethereum’s vast liquidity.

Your Role:
  • Develop op-move, our Rust-based Move execution engine for Optimism, replacing op-geth
  • Implement Ethereum Engine API for layer-2 integration
  • Optimize Move execution for L2 scalability and throughput
  • Ensure EVM equivalence and compatibility with Ethereum tooling
  • Strong Rust and systems engineering skills
  • Understanding of blockchain consensus and EVM execution
  • Familiarity with Ethereum client architectures like geth
  • Passion for decentralized tech and open-source
  • Proven product development experience
  • Ability to overlap working hours with the team for effective collaboration
  • Proficient English communication skills
  • Prior engineering experience, preferably in the blockchain industry
  • Experience working in a startup environment
  • Active GitHub profile showcasing relevant projects and experience
About Us:

We are a fully remote team working asynchronously. We meet during the week on a call and do scrum calls to better address development issues. We raised a pre-seed amount and are excited about the future bringing Move smart contracts on to Ethereum. You can learn more about us here.


We prefer contractor deals. However, we do offer unique perks such as potential blockchain conference visitations.

Our Team:

For more information about the role or our company, feel free to contact us directly.

Help us bring Move’s unrivaled security to Ethereum’s booming ecosystem. Apply now!

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