Junior Software Developer

At C11 Labs we’re passionate about DeFi. This fast-growing ecosystem enables innovative financial engineering, through which new opportunities are generated every day. Together with your help, we aim to capture these opportunities while also supporting the further development of the DeFi ecosystem. Together we form the DeFi team, in which we have complete freedom in exploring, prioritising and capturing these opportunities.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a software developer who is willing to work in an array of different problems, be it, infrastructure, DevOps, and software. Someone who is independent and a critical thinker when approaching a task but, also, works well with a team. And, someone who keeps pushing themselves to learn new things and how it can improve our workflow.

This is what it’s all about
  • Supporting in the building of our tech infrastructure (AWS, Grafana, Rust, etc…)
  • Working together with DeFi traders in order to find and capture opportunities together effectively
  • Support in the development and stability of our software
Some skills we value
  • Taking initiative and ownership of your work
  • A passion for DeFi and previous experience with Software Development. This experience can either be developed on your own through your interest or in your career
  • Additional understanding of other protocols and languages is a plus
  • Rust, Solidity, Python, C++, Typescript. Rust is preferred
  • Excellent quantitative skills
  • Although previous trading experience is a plus, it is not a requirement. As you’re passionate about DeFi, we expect you to be eager to learn and execute market making and high frequency trading
What we offer
  • The full startup experience with an above average salary & bonus package
  • Creative responsibility over your applications and a high degree of freedom in your technological choices
  • Flexible remote working
  • Cohesive, energetic environment for you to develop your skills
Are you ready to make an impact?

Interested in capturing opportunities and translating them into concrete applications to generate PnL and positively contribute to the DeFi space? Reach out to Galit Dunkelgrun at [email protected].


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