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About the Company
Hi, we're Ondo Finance. Our mission is to provide institutional-grade, blockchain-enabled investment products and services. We have both a technology arm that develops decentralized finance technology, and an asset management arm that creates and manages tokenized funds. We were the first company to tokenize exposure to US Treasuries, and have since expanded into several other assets. We are also focused on incubating protocols that can support both tokenized real-world assets and traditional crypto.
Founded by folks from Goldman Sachs Digital Assets Team, we’re backed by some of the best investors in the world including Founders Fund, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, Tiger Global, and more. We are currently the leaders in the space in terms of AUM and are well capitalized to continue to grow the firm. We're fully remote, with team members across the U.S.
About the Role
We are looking for a Head of Marketing to design, build out, and manage a marketing function to support all facets of our mission and strategy.
Take a look at the target outcomes below - this is what we're looking for someone to help us achieve:
Target Outcomes
    • Best-in-Class Brand and Brand Awareness. To all relevant stakeholders, Ondo is widely seen as the premier institutional-grade provider of onchain financial products and services.
    • Consistent Brand and Messaging Across All Channels and Strategies. All marketing efforts are consistent with Ondo’s intended brand, voice, strategy, and strategic narrative.
    • Reputation for Best-in-Class DeFi / Crypto Marketing and Marketing Capabilities. Ondo is recognized by stakeholders within crypto as having top decile marketing and marketing capabilities.
    • Increased Competitiveness as a Result of “Marketing as a Service”. Our ability to offer the use of our marketing capabilities to potential partners has been a key differentiator in our ability to win deals and partnerships.
    • High-Quality Market Analysis & Insight. We have a deep and up-to-date understanding of the relevant market landscape, including competitors, suppliers, investors, regulators, and potential partners/customers, as well as the relationships between them. We have sufficient insight into broad market trends, including both onchain and offchain players.
    • High-Quality Existing and Prospective Customer Insight. Through both analytical and qualitative means, we consistently have up-to-date insights on the existing and prospective customers needs, feedback, questions, and decision journeys in a way that allows us to gauge the effectiveness of our marketing, sales, business development and product development efforts and inform demonstratively effective changes.
    • Effective Support for our Sales and Business Development Efforts. Marketing efforts are having a measurable impact on our ability to source and close new business with an appropriate ROI.
    • Compliant Marketing. All marketing efforts meet relevant relevant risk, legal, compliance, and regulatory guidelines.
    • Sufficient Separation-of-Concern Across Supported Entities. To the extent that marketing supports other entities within the Ondo Ecosystem, those marketing efforts maintain an appropriately clear distinction between the entities involved.
    • Strategy and Product Roadmap Informed by Market and Customer Insight. Marketing regularly provides substantive insights into, and recommendations for, our overall strategy and product roadmap based upon market and customer insights.
    • Clear Visibility Into Initiative-by-Initiative Spend and ROI. We have sufficiently clear visibility into the cost and ROI of all marketing initiatives.
    • Culture of Experimentation and Measurement. Our marketing function consistently operates in a culture of explicit hypothesis generation and testing, experimental design, KPIs, analytics and metrics, and becomes an internal ‘center of excellence’ for helping other functions think and operate in this way too.
    • Internal Team Effectiveness. Individuals within the marketing team are engaged, effective, efficient, and productive. Roles and responsibilities are clear. The team knows where to find information and what the goals and priorities are. New hires are hired and onboarded efficiently and effectively. High performers are appropriately retained. Low performers are appropriately coached or let go. Team members have the coaching and resources they need to be effective. The team works together harmoniously.
    • Strong Stakeholder Effectiveness. The interface and relationships between the marketing team and its stakeholders — including outside service providers as well as other Ondo teams — is effective and harmonious.
    • KPIs Appropriately Set, Measured, and Maintained. We are able to consistently and effectively measure the ROI of various marketing initiatives at a sufficient level of granularity. KPIs related to all aspects of marketing exceed peer-group benchmarks
Your Responsibilities Will Include...
    • Oversight & Coordination of All Marketing-Related Initiatives. Set objectives and KPIs for — as, at the beginning, detailed strategies for — all marketing efforts, including, but not necessarily limited to, brand and brand identity, web properties, content marketing, influencer marketing, community initiatives, social media, public relations, SEO/SEM, partnerships, paid advertising, referral, programs, airdrops, market and user research, and marketing-related analytics.
    • Building & Leading the Marketing Team. Recruit, build, and manage a high-performing marketing team capable of executing against our goals. This includes hiring for key positions, defining roles and responsibilities, and fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and accountability.
    • Developing Marketing-as-a-Service for Partners. Create and implement a scalable marketing service offering for Ondo Finance partners and clients. This involves developing bespoke marketing strategies, tools, and resources that partners can leverage to promote their own products and chains effectively.
    • Brand Management and Positioning. Ensure that Ondo Finance's brand consistently reflects its status as the leading provider of institutional-grade blockchain solutions. This involves managing brand identity, ensuring messaging consistency, and strategically positioning Ondo in the market.
    • Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations. Identify, negotiate, and manage strategic partnerships and collaborations that can amplify our reach and impact within the DeFi and broader financial ecosystem.
    • Competitive Analysis and USP / Roadmap Development. Analyze competitors, discerning their strengths and weaknesses to distinguish our unique selling proposition and help inform our product roadmap to maintain competitive differentiation.
    • Market Analysis and Insight Generation. Conduct deep market analysis to understand the competitive landscape, identify market trends, and gather insights on customer needs and behaviors. Use this information to inform marketing strategies, product development, and business strategy.
    • Driving User Acquisition and Engagement. Develop and execute innovative marketing campaigns aimed at driving user acquisition, retention, and engagement. This includes leveraging digital marketing, community building, events, and other tactics to grow Ondo Finance's user base.
    • Marketing Partner Development. Build networks and relationships with influencers, KOLs, and the media.
    • Compliance and Risk Management. Work closely with legal, compliance, and risk teams to ensure that all marketing activities adhere to industry regulations and communication standards. This includes developing compliant marketing materials and campaigns and monitoring changes in regulatory landscapes.
    • Social Media Management. Ensure effective marketing and engagement across all appropriate social media channels, including Twitter/X, LinkedIn, Discord, and Telegram.
    • Community Management. Oversee effective management and engagement of the broader Ondo community and ecosystem.
    • Customer Persona and Segmentation Development. Identify and develop appropriate customer personas and market segmentation to inform all aspects of our business, including marketing, sales/BD, product, client service, and analytics.
    • Marketing Analytics and Performance Tracking. Implement robust analytics systems to track the performance of marketing initiatives, measure ROI, and make data-driven decisions. This involves setting and regularly reviewing KPIs, conducting A/B testing, and adjusting strategies based on performance data.
    • Content Strategy and Execution. Oversee the development of a comprehensive content strategy that positions Ondo as a thought leader in the space. This includes managing the production of high-quality content across various channels, such as blogs, whitepapers, social media, podcasts, and video.
    • Enhancing Sales and Business Development Support. Align marketing efforts with sales and business development objectives to support the sourcing and closing of new business. This includes creating marketing collateral, supporting sales pitches, and developing targeted marketing campaigns.
    • Fostering a Culture of Experimentation. Encourage and implement a culture of experimentation within the marketing team, testing and measuring new strategies, channels, and messages to continuously improve marketing effectiveness.
    • Stakeholder Management and Communication. Maintain open lines of communication with all stakeholders within and outside the Ondo ecosystem. This includes providing regular updates on marketing initiatives, gathering feedback, and adjusting strategies as needed.
    • Professional Development and Team Leadership. Provide leadership and professional development opportunities for the marketing team. Ensure team members have access to the training and resources needed to succeed in their roles and advance their careers.
    • Regular Internal Reporting. Marketings initiatives, approaches, insights and recommendations are regularly broadly shared with the internal team in a way that stakeholders find informative and useful.
You Should Definitely Have...
    • Confidence in your ability to achieve the outlined target outcomes
    • At least 10 years of marketing experience, with a significant portion of this in the fintech, blockchain, or DeFi sectors
    • At least 3 years of experience leading and managing marketing teams of 5 or more
    • A proven record of developing and executing successful marketing strategies
    • Experience with marketing analytics tools and platforms
It's be Great (But Not Necessary) If you Have...
    • Experience managing a global, remote marketing team
    • Experience in creating and managing marketing programs for partners or clients
    • Deep experience in DeFi and blockchain
    • At least 3 years of experience in a VC-backed startup environment
    • Experience in brand management and positioning for finance companies
    • Mastery of analytics tools, attribution systems and data visualization tools (e.g. Google Analytics, MixPanel, Looker, etc.)
You Are...
    • A creative innovative marketer
    • An exceptional communicator
    • Strong in both design, copy, and marketing strategy
    • Highly analytical
    • Adept at leadership and team development
    • Innovative and adaptable
    • Passionate about blockchain and onchain finance
You Enjoy...
    • Being an player-coach
    • Building and leading dynamic marketing teams
    • Crafting and executing marketing strategies
    • Leveraging marketing analytics to drive decisions and improve outcomes continually.
You Pride Yourself On..
    • Being results driven
    • Blending “left-brain” analytics and rigor with “right-brain” creativity and intuition.
    • Understanding TradFi and DeFi
    • Your knack for innovation and experimentation
    • Being both develop methodical programs and be opportunistically agile
If You Join Us You'll Get...
    • Highly competitive compensation including salary, tokens, and/or equity (according to your preferences) — we're well-funded and believe that great talent deserves great compensation
    • Small, remote-first team — you'll be an early team member helping shape our vision, culture, and engineering practices
    • A+ colleagues — our team includes alumni from Goldman Sachs Digital Assets, DeFi protocols (e.g. Maker, Badger, Balancer), big tech (e.g. SpaceX, Microsoft, Salesforce), and traditional finance (Fortress, Bridgewater, Prospect)
    • Best-in-class investors — we are proud to be backed by leading funds and strategics (incl. Founders Fund, Pantera, GoldenTree, Coinbase, and CoinFund) and angels (incl. founders of AngelList, Anchorage, and Aave)
    • Full benefits (medical, vision, and dental) and flexible vacation policy (PTO)

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