Henrik Harju
Henrik Harju

Lead Web3 Job Curator & Developer

Hello, I'm Henrik Harju, the mastermind and job curator behind Crypto Jobster. Having dipped my toes into the crypto universe in 2017, I've become an avid believer in the transformative potential of blockchain technology and decentralized networks. Over the years, I've cultivated extensive knowledge in the cryptocurrency space, both as an investor and as a developer.

Crypto Jobster is more than just a job board—it's a passion project fueled by the desire to bridge the gap between talented individuals and the burgeoning world of web3 technologies. Recognizing the world changing shift that web3 is making across various industries, I felt a need for a specialized platform that could act as a catalyst in this revolutionary period.

What sets Crypto Jobster apart is its dedication to quality and relevance. The platform curates only the most pertinent job offerings in the blockchain, smart contracts, and DeFi spaces, ensuring that job seekers don't have to wade through irrelevant listings to find their dream role. For employers in the crypto ecosystem, the platform offers a tailored experience that targets highly-skilled and highly-motivated candidates who are already passionate about the field.

My ultimate goal with Crypto Jobster is two-fold: To help job seekers navigate the often complex web3 employment landscape with ease, and to provide a conduit for the industry's growth by matching companies with the skilled professionals they desperately need.

For feedback or support please email me at henrik@cryptojobster.com. Thank you for visiting Crypto Jobster. I'm confident that your journey to finding the perfect web3 role starts here.

Here are my latest finds for web3 job seekers: